Reasons You Need a Smartphone

Maybe you’re just not that into technology or maybe you live way outside town and prefer your internet. Whatever the reason, you’ve still got a “dumb” phone and it’s time to switch. Here are a few of the best reasons to get a smart phone from a recent convert.
Click to Call – Do you know how much easier life can be when you simply click a number on a screen to dial? No more writing down numbers or remembering bits and pieces in your head…it’s all right there.
Maps – If you don’t have or need a new GPS, consider your smart phone the answer. There are tons of free navigation apps that work just as well (and are more regularly updated) than real GPS devices and you can more easily store addresses and phone numbers.
Internet – You may not think you need it now but having the internet at your fingertips will change your life. Look up the restaurant you can remember the name of or check the movie listings before you get to the theater. The possibilities are endless and they go way beyond email.

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