CEO Poll: Which Smart Phones Do CEOs Use Most?

Most CEOs are using the iPhone 4. This smartphone developed by Apple for all interested parties has been particularly attractive to CEOs. With this modern technological device, CEOs can schedule important information in a matter of seconds. Whether it be an important meeting or a reminder of an upcoming lunch, the iPhone 4 can handle [...]

Calling All Experts: Troubleshooting Question Of The Week

Calling All Experts: Troubleshooting Question Of The Week. What are the quirks and problems that you have run into with the latest smart phones on the market? What are the products that have given you problems consistently and are the solutions that have been found? Are you looking for the right apps to make your [...]

The Other End Of The Line: Cell Phone Donations

Most people in the world own cell phones. However, there are also people in the world who are less fortunate and need these devices. Cell phones are important parts of every day life now. They are good to have in case of emergencies, car issues, and crimes. This is why some organizations ask that people [...]

Reasons You Need a Smartphone

Maybe you’re just not that into technology or maybe you live way outside town and prefer your internet. Whatever the reason, you’ve still got a “dumb” phone and it’s time to switch. Here are a few of the best reasons to get a smart phone from a recent convert.Click to Call – Do you [...]